Ayurveda Medicine and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Part 1

HealthIn my last post I talked about the problem I’m having with a splenic artery aneurysm, due to in some part weak veins and arteries.

Since that post, I went to another vascular surgeon, a top doctor in this field. He read the CT Scan itself, rather than just the radiologist’s report, and determined it looks more like the aneurysm is closer to 1.8 cm. It seems I’m on a roller coaster ride – it’s small, it’s big, it’s small, it’s big. I have to get another CT Scan in six months to see where it’s at then.

According to Dr.William Purtill, affiliated with North Shore University Hospital, as the ‘debris’ in the artery continues to calcify it usually gets bigger . . . and bigger.

Because I value Eastern medicine, I’ve been seeing an amazing Chinese acupuncturist and herbalist (TCM) for several years now, Henry Lee. But, wanting to open up more options, I decided to get the viewpoint of a Ayurveda practitioner.

Dr. Bhaswati Bhattacharya is a medical doctor and Ayurveda practitioner. Her practice is in New York City and her credentials are impressive.

I’ll be going over the treatment protocol to detox my body and to build up my liver and arteries/veins. I’ll be writing about this in Parts – this being Part 1.

The first session with Dr. B was about getting my information and being informed about Ayurveda. As with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda health protocols and philosophies encompass the entire body: inside, outside, and spiritual (not religious).

All about the First Session (this will be in three parts):

There are three body types:

Vata – Air and Space (movement). This involves the nerves among other things.
Pitta – Fire and Water (transformation)
Kapha – Water and Earth (stability and lubrication)

A Ayurveda practitioner will be able to tell you which type/s you are, based on your health and pulse. I learned I’m Pitta and then Kapha. Knowing this helps the doctor treat you. It also gives you guidelines for your diet.

First up on my to-do-list to help detox my body is to eat healthy. This means avoiding processed foods, and paying attention to the containers I store herbs and foods in.

When you’re trying to detox your body you MUST limit the consumption and absorption of toxins. This means avoiding microwaving if possible. If you must use a microwave use a glass or other safe bowl or dish and don’t cover it with any kind of plastic or paper napkin/towel. Use a glass or other safe cover.

In regard to saving herbs or left overs, don’t keep them in plastic. Try to buy herbs in glass bottles and save foods in glass or other safe containers. Protecting yourself from toxins also includes the largest absorber of toxins, your skin. If at all possible, buy organic and safe shampoos, conditioners, soaps, body lotions and so on. In regard to the body lotion, use it sparingly and only if needed.

You’ll also need to check your household cleaners and laundry detergents.

Unfortunately, we live in an overly polluted environment, even the air we breathe is filled with microscopic particles and toxins from everything to building material to car fumes. And, if you live near an airport, like I do, you are exposed to even more harmful pollution. So, whatever strategies you can find to reduce your pollution exposure, use them.

Check back next week for The First Session, Part 2.

Eat, live, and play healthy,

Karen Cioffi
Multi-award Winning Author, Freelance/Ghostwriter, Editor, Marketer

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and these health strategies are my own, based on my alternative medicine doctors. You MUST speak to your own doctor before starting any health regime.