Depression Disorder – One Acupuncturist’s View

Balance and Health Depression is a crippling disorder and a frightening one for the individual and his/her family. I recently read a book, The Closet Depressionist by Robert Sisti, which clearly conveys the demons that depression can conjure up. While I wouldn’t recommend this book for casual reading or for the young, if you want a glimpse into depression, this will give it.

Here is a tidbit from his poem, The Gift of Insomnia: “A beaten man, time feels still. Days are longer, crawl to my fill. Can’t eat, can’t sleep, wrinkles grow under my eyes. Daily emotional breakdowns are my demise. Fallen deeper onto this path, a life is gone.” This depicts the overwhelming sense of despair that depression can cause.

When I struggled with anxiety I often heard, “Pull yourself out of it; go for a walk, you’ll feel better.”

I’m sure the same is true for the depressed person. Unfortunately, depressed people, just like those suffering from anxiety, cannot ‘will’ themselves well.

According to the University Health Services, Tang Center, “Clinical depression is a serious illness that lasts for weeks, months and sometimes years.”

The three most common forms of depression are: major depression, dysthymia (a lesser form of depression), and bipolar disorder (also known as manic-depressive). According to research it is has not been determined if depression has a biological component to it or the depression causes biological changes. But, either way it is treated with anti-depressants to rebalance the chemical imbalance. Anti-depressants along with some form of therapy is the standard Western medical remedy.

In Eastern medicine, specifically Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Henry Zhen-Hong Lee explains that depression comes from low energy in the kidneys and heart. There is also low energy and an imbalance in the neuro-transmitters. Chinese medicine attacks the root cause of the illness with acupuncture focused on the problematic organs and with individually designed herbs. This treatment increases and normalizes the low energy to the kidneys and heart and evens out the balance in the neuro-transmitters. The treatment should produce effective results within two to three months. Once the body is regulated, the acupuncture and herbs are no longer needed.

He goes on to clarify that as with any type of medicine, different practitioners have different views on causes and methods of treatments. Through years of study and practice Dr. Lee has devised his own unique understanding of this illness. When asked what his depressed patients can do at home to help themselves he advises the single most important thing to do is to avoid junk food and processed foods. Along with this, he recommends: eat healthy (natural and organic foods), do breathing exercises, and meditate.

Dr. Lee is a NYS Licensed Acupuncturist and an NCCA DPL. Herbalist. He also has degrees in Eastern medicine from Traditional Chinese Medical College, and in Western medicine from the Beijing Medical College.

If you or someone you know is suffering from depression you should consult a doctor. If you’d like to learn more about depression you can visit:

University Health Services – Tang Center

The Mayo Clinic


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