LA GMO Conference set for October 6

If you have the time, you might want to spend this Saturday online via live stream, for the most important GMO conference of the year (and one of the best ever).

This event on October 6, from 9 am -1 pm Pacific time (LAX Hilton) will feature Dr. G.E. Seralini, lead author of the famous French rat study that was just released. See the disturbing 12 minute video below! Up to 80% of the female rats got massive tumors of the mammary glands, the death rate was 200-300% compared to the controls, and there was extensive damage to organs.

Dr. Michael Antoniou will be there from London. He co-authored the amazing compilation of research GMO Myths and Truths, as well as numerous other publications. He’s a world class genetic engineer working on human gene therapy techniques, but has spoken out against the use of this technology for use in food. He’s brilliant.

Dr. Don Huber will speak on the devastating impacts of Roundup, including the new mysterious pathogen that appears to be contributing to an epidemic of infertility and miscarriages among US livestock. Hearing Don’s full presentation is enlightening.

Jeffrey Smith will also be on hand to discuss other aspects of GMOs, including the outrageous practices used by Monsanto and others to distort and deny the now overwhelming evidence.

The above information is courtesy of Institute of Responsible Technology


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