Toxins and Your Immune System

Toxins and Your Body The body is like the ocean – it has the capability of self-cleaning. It has its own set of processes that work together to maintain its health. But, even with its amazing design, the ocean is becoming polluted, something that Lord Byron thought would never happen, “Man marks the earth with ruin; his control Stops with the shore.”(1)

And, as pollution now intrudes on the ocean, so is it causing harm to the body.

With an amazing design and through various processes the body actually removes harmful toxins. The liver acts as the main filter, with all the organs working in union and relying on each other to do their part. Unfortunately, there are just too many pollutants bombarding the body.

Imagine a bucket filled with water. Now imagine pouring more water in the bucket, continually. This is what’s happening with toxins and your body. It’s almost impossible for the body to function with the onslaught of pollution from the air, on the ground, and in the water.

So, what are toxins?

According to Medline Plus of the National Institutes of Health, “Toxins are substances created by plants and animals that are poisonous to humans.”(2) Toxins can also come from helpful medications that when used in large doses, or taken improperly, can become poisonous.

Toxins come from a variety of places, even from within our body, in natural processes. They are also manmade and come from external sources, such as the lotions and soaps we use, cosmetics, plastics, cigarettes, cars, and building material. While the body was created to efficiently detoxify itself, the external toxins are just too prevalent. They bombard our system on all fronts, through food, drinks (including water), and the air we breathe. And, aside for what we ingest or breathe, one of the biggest absorbers of toxins is our skin. The amount of toxins our body takes in on a daily basis is simply far too much for the liver to handle.

The consequences of overloading the liver with toxins is it can’t function properly or effectively. This causes our immune system, which is another part of our detoxification process, to be affected. The immune system helps find and eliminate invading enemies, such as viruses, harmful bacteria, toxins, and allergens. Toxin overload is the primary cause of the rise in food allergies, environmental allergies, and chemical sensitivity. It’s also one of the reasons why autoimmune diseases are skyrocketing. Our immune systems are overworked; this leads to its dysfunction.

The weakened and now dysfunctional immune system provides an open door for a number of chronic illnesses to enter the body and severe allergic reactions to occur.

The question is, what can we do to help ease the amount of toxins we take in?

The first course of action is to try to reduce the amount of toxins you’re exposed to. To do this you’ll need to realize that just about every product you use and even the air in your home is a risk factor.

According to a study quoted in an article by environmental freelance writer Claude Morgan, “Ninety percent of reported poisonings each year are due to toxins in U.S. homes.”(3) Interestingly, the study focused on acute incidents. It didn’t take into account long-term effects, such as multiple chemical sensitivity, asthma, and other chronic illnesses.

The 10 most dangerous home toxins listed in the article are: formaldehyde; radon; lead; carbon monoxide; vinyl chloride; hydrofluoric acid; solvents; disinfectants; and pesticides.

Taking steps to reduce the amount of toxins and allergens in your home will help your body and its immune system work the way it should.




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