Your Health and Diet – What Do You Have Control Over?

Health Tips For some reason, when I try to exercise I get sick. Whether it’s from the multiple sclerosis or the chronic fatigue syndrome, if I exercise for more than five or so minutes the glands in my neck, below my jaw will swell a bit, I might get pins and needles, and just feel overall miserable.

The symptoms don’t come on immediately, but by the end of the day or the next day, I’ll feel awful. And, I’ll feel worse for days or weeks.

We all know that exercise is a key factor in staying healthy, in fact, when asked what the number one thing a person can do to ‘be a healthier you,’ neurologist and MS specialist Dr. Brian Apatoff, said, “exercise.”

I asked Dr. Apatoff this question and he didn’t hesitate for a moment. He explained that exercise has been found to help in every aspect of a person’s wellbeing. And, its benefits go beyond one’s physical health; a person’s mental and emotional state also benefit from exercise.

While exercise is extremely important, and most people do have control over whether or not they do excise, for some people a sufficient amount of exercise isn’t really possible.

So, what do you have control over in regard to your health?

I’ve thought about this, and it seems the only thing you have control over is eating. You decide what to eat and when. It’s up to you what you put in your body.

With this being the case, wouldn’t you think that everyone would be focused on eating healthy, especially if an unhealthy diet can play havoc with your health? Toxins and processed foods weaken the immune system and with chronic illnesses the immune system is already compromised.

Unfortunately, a number of people just can’t get control of their eating.

My question then is this: Why do some of us eat unhealthy when we know it’s bad for our health? Why do some of us eat unhealthy when it actually makes us worse? Eating an unhealthy diet effects multiple sclerosis, leaky gut syndrome, allergies, and just about everything pertaining to our health.

I know there has to be an emotional component to the reason. But, why don’t we simply have the control or the will power to just say NO to unhealthy foods?

I also know that with some chronic illnesses, such as chronic fatigue and MS, lack of energy is a factor to cooking healthy, but why can some manage to navigate the obstacles to eating smart?

This is something I’ve been puzzled with for quite a while. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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