Aromatherapy and Your Immune System

Health TipsAromatherapy and Your Immune System
Guest Post by Neil Maycock

Boosting your immune system is the best way to keep your body healthy. The immune system is the machine inside the human body that is responsible for making sure that any foreign pathogen that enters is quickly eliminated. The key elements that fight off foreign pathogens in the body are called white blood cells. There are many types of white blood cells and they move around through the entire body system swimming in a fluid called the lymph. To boost your immune system you need to increase the production of white blood cells in your body and their sensitivity to foreign pathogen.

This is where essential oils can play a significant role. Right from the time of ancient Egypt people knew that plants and their essential oils could be used to improve the functioning of the immune system. That knowledge has been passed on from generation to generation and is today practiced in an alternative form of medicine that is referred to as aromatherapy. Oils are extracted from plants which are then used and applied on the body to enhance and improve the health of the person.
What happens inside the body?

When a pathogen enters the body it is identified by the immune system as a foreign particle. This is followed by the production of more white blood cells which will then attack the pathogen and eliminate it. Sometimes the immune system fails to produce the level of white blood cells needed for the work required. The fact is, the human body is constantly invaded with all kinds of foreign particles that pass through our skin or our nose to enter the body. The more white blood cells we can produce, the better.

Essential oils are made of certain molecules that can boost the immune system as a whole. Compared to over the counter medication which are produced with the sole purpose of targeting one specific disease causing agent, essential oils come with different qualities all at the same time. They are made of molecules that kill bacteria, fungi, viruses and at the same time boost the production of blood cells.

Relying on essential oils helps prevent the disease causing agents from finding their way inside.

There are different types of oils that can be used to get the desired immune boosting effect, rosemary, bergamot and grapefruit being among the most popular ones. Here are some others:

Lemon oil
Oils extracted from citrus plants have been used for years in treating people with immunity problems. The oil invigorates your whole body and the result is an improved immune system. Your body should be able to better fight diseases once the immune system has regained its strength. Lemon oil also has antiseptic properties so it can be used on wounds and cuts to keel germs before they even get inside.

Cinnamon oil
The oil from Cinnamon is used to treat infections whether it is from bacteria or fungi. You can boost your immune system by diluting the oil and putting it on your skin, or taking it internally through inhalation. Its antimicrobial power is strong enough to reduce the number pathogens inside you.

Oregano Oil
This is oil is known to be one of the most effective when it comes to boosting the immune system. Some experts believe it is even more powerful than antibiotics. One advantage of essential oils is that they are natural so they don’t come with side effects like chemically engineered drugs do. The vapor of this oil can be used to fight bronchial problems by inhaling it.

Eucalyptus oil
This is yet another oil that is effective in treating immunity problems. You can rely on the oil to deal with problems related to the respiratory tract. You can also use it in therapeutic baths and as an inhaler.

Different essential oils can be used together in a recipe to further improve the overall effect. Using them for massage is also advised and it improves the circulation of the lymph, the fluid on which the white blood cells swim.
Remember it is equally important to keep healthy habits like eating well and exercising often. Essential oils alone are not guaranteed to work if you don’t take proper care of yourself first.

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