The Benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine For Children

Traditiona Chinese Medicine is a healthy alternative medicine optionThe Benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine For Children

Guest post by Maya Johnson

Traditional Chinese medicine is perhaps one of the oldest professional medicines that are practiced constantly in the world today. The concept of these traditional medicine used in China is to identify different imbalances within your body and correct them. This system of medicine which basically uses massage, herbal treatments and acupuncture at their primary method of treatment proves to be a completely safe and effective treatment for both children and adults.

How does Traditional Chinese Medicine help in Treating Children?

The theory of traditional Chinese medicine is essentially based on the theory of creating harmony and balance between the yin and the yang (magnetic and dynamic, positive and negative) polarities. Thus, in order to understand, cure and prevent disease or illness, this theory tries to look for different signs and symptoms that may cause disharmony in the internal and external environment of a child.

Treating your child using traditional Chinese medicine not only aids in treating the symptoms but also helps cure the root of the problem in an effective manner.

Benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Children

Effective: Traditional medicines in China prove to be a highly effective treatment for children because these herbal remedies are not only prescribed individually, but also custom written according to the specific needs and requirements of each child.

Versatile: Chinese herbal remedies are known to treat various types of diseases and illness in an effective and successful manner. These herbal formulas not only aid in treating ear infection in infants in a quick and effective way, but also help cure cold, allergies or skin problems in children in an efficient way. Moreover, since Chinese herbal medicines are available in the form of pills or oral liquid, making it convenient for parents to administer these herbal medicines to their children. This proves to be highly beneficial for all those children experiencing chronic illness or problems related to physical development.

Safe: One of the greatest benefits of traditional Chinese medicine is the fact that it is made of all natural ingredients and does not contain any kind of chemicals. This proves to be highly beneficial in not only preventing damage to the child’s physical and neurological development, but also treats the child without any side effects or adverse reactions.

Uses simple technique – Tui Na Massage: This type of soothing massage used in the traditional Chinese medicine offers psychological as well as physical benefits, thereby speeding up the ability a child’s body to heal itself. Parents are often taught the simple techniques of this massage to help treat their child at home in-between professional sessions. Tui Na massage which is a gentle alternative to acupuncture proves to be highly effective for children who are less the 10 years of age.

Advocates Simple Diet Changes: The fact that simple diet changes can prove to be highly beneficial in preventing illness in children, traditional Chinese medicine advocates certain diet changes for children to treat them successfully. While the diet of a breast feeding mother is examined to treat an infant, children are often recommended to avoid dairy products, greasy or sugary foods to help them stay healthy and fit.

Traditional Chinese medicine thus proves to be a perfect solution to help promote healthy lifestyle, prevent illness and cure common ailments in children in simple, safe and effective manner.

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