Summer Tips for Fighting Mosquitoes

MosquitoesIt’s that time of year, at least in the U.S. It’s mosquito time. And, even if you don’t have a compromised or weakened immune system, you want to avoid these blood-sucking, disease-carrying insects.

I’m in the North East and spend quite a bit of time on Long Island. It’s so bad in certain parts that my grandsons can’t go out unless they have on mosquito repellent. Unfortunately, not all repellents work.

One that does work, and my daughter started using it this year, is a combination spray of Eucalyptus and Lemon oils. The smell is potent, but it seems to work well.

There are other natural repellents that supposedly work well also and Bob Villa discusses nine of them at Yahoo News:

1. Turn on a fan
2. Plant Lemon Grass
3. Wear light colored clothing
4. Use proper lighting
5. Give Catnip Oil a try
6. Not squimish? Try bats
7. Use a garlic spray
8. Keep standing water out of your yard
9. Try Herbal Armor

To read the full Yahoo article and find out how to use these mosquito repellents and why they work, go to:
9 Ways to Combat Mosquitoes Naturally

You can also check out this video from the Discovery Channel demonstrating mosquitoes blinded by scent:

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