Cell Phones and Radiation – Help Make a Difference

Health TipsWould you turn the gas to your oven on then stick your head in it?

Would you stand in the middle of a parkway with fast moving vehicles?

Of course not. You would never put your life or your families in that kind of danger.

Well, there are other dangers that aren’t as apparent that we do need to be concerned about and avoid.

I’m a member of EWG (Environmental Working Group) and pass along important information as I receive it. While this data has been around for a while, the EWG wants our support to get the FCC to implement strong standards for cell phone radiation.

Over the past 17 years, cell phone usage in the United States has drastically changed. It doesn’t matter where individuals are they are talking to someone on their phones, even while driving, which is another problem. In 1996, cell phones were used sporadically, usually in case of an emergency or a much needed call. Since its usage changed, so should the guidelines for the radiation it emits.

While there is no concrete research to say that cell phones definitely cause cancer or other health problems, there are some in the medical field who claim they absolutely do. If you want to err, err on the side of caution, especially when it involves the long term health of our children.

No matter how you look at it, the “current federal standards don’t do enough to protect our and our children’s health.”

So, please join me and the EWG in strengthening the cell phone radiation standards.

“The FCC is accepting public comments on its cell phone radiation standards. Make sure the FCC knows this is the time to strengthen its standards, not weaken them!”

CLICK HERE to sign the EWG petition to the FCC demanding that cell phone radiation standards are strengthened!

Eat, live, and play healthy,

Karen Cioffi
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