Moving – Multiple Sclerosis – Adrenalin

Life, balance, and healthI moved on August 30th, from a house I lived in for almost 18 years. There was an attic and basement, so lots of space to save things in.

Unfortunately, I didn’t plan well enough and left the bulk of packing to move until two weeks before. This was a mistake. Having multiple sclerosis, it’s important to pace yourself and not over do it. With only two weeks and NO help (my husband has a very bad back and restricted lung capacity, and my kids were unable to help) the adrenalin kicked in. I went into overdrive.

When this happens, it’s important to be careful. While the adrenalin will usually keep you going, you don’t want to throw yourself into a bout. I was able to get through this phase of moving uneventfully.

Then came the move and unpacking. This too was uneventful, until I got cellulitis in my ankle and a heel spur in my heel on the same leg. This stopped me in my tracks. I have to keep my leg elevated as much as possible. I’ll also have to go to physical therapy, an added expense.

Because of the cellulitis, I’m on antibiotics, the only one I can take, azithromycin. I’ll allergic or very sensitive to all the other antibiotics, so having to be on the only one I can take is a bit unnerving, because I’m also sensitive to prednisone. Multiple chemical sensitivity can be very dangerous, even life threatening.

So, as it stand now, I have to wait until the cellutilitis is all cleared up – taking longer than normal because of the MS and not being able to go on stronger meds – before I can continue unpacking and get some order in my new home.

That’s the update for now.


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