Drug Deliveries By Drones

CautionYep. The title is right. It’s the newest technology!

In an article at Mercola.com, it starts off stating that Americans use “50 percent of all drugs sold globally and 80 percent of the global opioid supply. An estimated 60 percent of patients taking opioid painkillers are also taking other drugs that may be hazardous in combination with opioids — a fact that plays a significant part in the current drug overdose epidemic.”

It also mentions that prescription opioids are killing people at unprecedented rates.

According to WebMd, opioid drugs are a type of narcotic pain medication. And, if not used correctly can have serious side effects. These drugs include codeine, Demerol, and OxyContin.

Needless to say, this is a BIG, no HUGE business, especially in America.

Finding a sliver of ‘silver lining for their pockets’ a Phoenix-based drug innovation firm grabbed on.

According to a senior analyst for the company, they need to compete with ‘street dealers’ in their delivery speed.

You see, 15% of opioid drugs prescribed don’t get filled. OMG! The drug companies are losing money!

How on earth can they get that additional 15% of most likely elderly folks who have a hard time getting to the pharmacy?

Ah, drones!

But, wait, how will ‘the company’ know the patient needs drugs?

Another, Ah. A GPS-enabled fitness band, FixBit. It will continuously monitor the person’s health status (pain level, cholesterol level, depression level, and other tidbits) while worn. It’s all registered through build-in skin sensors and a microphone.

Once there’s an inkling that you MIGHT need medication, it shoots of a notice to the powers that be. And, within ONE hour, a drone will drop off your medicine.

But, wait. Could there be room for error here?

What if you’re watching a sad movie and you cry. Off will go the drone with you antidepressant!

What if you hit your funny bone on something and momentary pain. Off will go the drone with your paid med!

What if your doctor gave you samples to try before you fill the script? And, you’re elderly and don’t realize you shouldn’t take the drone drugs with the doctor’s samples.


But all this is okay because the FixBit will guarantee the sale of the drugs. If they can get away with it, NO prescription will go unfilled.

Pretty clever, right?

Oh, but wait. What about those street dealers and thieves who would love to get their hands on those drugs?

Oh, yeah. The company thinks they have the solution which I won’t get into because the whole premise is sickening. And, NO, don’t send me a drone with meds! Thanks anyway!

The world is so wrapped up in money and greed . . . I have no words for it (and I’m a writer).

If you can stomach it, read the full article here:

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