Not All Organic Food is Really Organic

Health TipsIt’s been a while, but life and work have been crazy-hectic. Anyway, I do still read a lot on health and what I’ve been reading lately is sad . . . and frightening.

I try my best to buy organic whenever I can. My children do also. But, I just read an article that informs us that buying organic may not necessarily mean you’re getting ‘real’ organic food.

If you’re into healthy eating, you know that organic foods have taken off. Even the big name brands are jumping on board. While this should be a good thing, it’s not.

The problem with bigger brands manufacturing organic foods is they supply to a much bigger consumer arena.

What does this mean for you and me?

Well, these bigger companies are known for cutting corners and being in it for the profits (as much of it as they can get). So, they’re doing the same with their organic foods. They skimp on quality for the might dollar. This effects you and me.

We have power as the consumer, but we need to know what’s going on and how to buy. Organic Consumer’s Association has great information and the article below explains how we can fight against bad organics:

Be aware though that just reading isn’t enough. You need to take action. As the article states, boycott the brands that aren’t measuring up to the high standards of ‘real’ organic foods.

Better eating and health,


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