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The Benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine For Children

The Benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine For Children Guest post by Maya Johnson Traditional Chinese medicine is perhaps one of the oldest professional medicines that are practiced constantly in the world today. The concept of these traditional medicine used in … Continue reading

Acupuncture and Children with Henry Zhon-Hong Lee

As a grandparent, I think about children and their health. As a health writer, I research and ask questions on topics I’m concerned about and questions I think my readers will be interested in also. Acupuncture and children is one … Continue reading

Depression Disorder – One Acupuncturist’s View

Depression is a crippling disorder and a frightening one for the individual and his/her family. I recently read a book, The Closet Depressionist by Robert Sisti, which clearly conveys the demons that depression can conjure up. While I wouldn’t recommend … Continue reading