Guest Post Guidelines

If you’d like to submit a guest post, please follow the guidelines below:

Acceptable articles will be on a site related health topic. The content should be “G” rated.

The word document article length should be between 350 and 600 words (longer, if warranted, is acceptable), and please be sure to edit and proof before submitting. In addition, please be sure the article is properly formatted.

What to include in your submission:

1.    Please include TAG words – at least three.
2.    Please include a brief bio, which may include one link to a legitimate, reputable, and ‘G’ rated site (a self-serving site).
3.    You may include up to TWO helpful links for readers – providing more information on the topic.
4.    If you are quoting statistics or important information, you should include the links to your sources.
5.    Please include the FULL URLS for ALL the links you included – do not embed them.

What not to do:

1.    DO NOT embed links, the formatting is lost when posted.
2. Do not submit an article that has not been proofed and edited for an English speaking audience.

Reprints are allowed.

I reserve the right to refuse any article. All links are checked.