LA GMO Conference set for October 6

If you have the time, you might want to spend this Saturday online via live stream, for the most important GMO conference of the year (and one of the best ever).

This event on October 6, from 9 am -1 pm Pacific time (LAX Hilton) will feature Dr. G.E. Seralini, lead author of the famous French rat study that was just released. See the disturbing 12 minute video below! Up to 80% of the female rats got massive tumors of the mammary glands, the death rate was 200-300% compared to the controls, and there was extensive damage to organs.

Dr. Michael Antoniou will be there from London. He co-authored the amazing compilation of research GMO Myths and Truths, as well as numerous other publications. He’s a world class genetic engineer working on human gene therapy techniques, but has spoken out against the use of this technology for use in food. He’s brilliant.

Dr. Don Huber will speak on the devastating impacts of Roundup, including the new mysterious pathogen that appears to be contributing to an epidemic of infertility and miscarriages among US livestock. Hearing Don’s full presentation is enlightening.

Jeffrey Smith will also be on hand to discuss other aspects of GMOs, including the outrageous practices used by Monsanto and others to distort and deny the now overwhelming evidence.

The above information is courtesy of Institute of Responsible Technology


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CHECK THE GMO RESEARCH VIDEO (you’ll think twice about eating genetically modified foods):

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Conference

News on HealthThe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Conference is being held on Sunday, October 21, 2012, 11:30 am to 5:00 pm, at the Sheraton Eatontown Hotel Conference Center in Eatontown, New Jersey.

The NJCFSA Fall 2012 Conference is titled (ME/CFS): Progress in Research, Diagnosis, and Treatment, and is being co-sponsored by Barnabas Health,Manmouth Medical Center.

The speaker line-up is impressive and includes, Susan M. Levine, MD, Lucinda Palacios, ScD, Lucinda Bateman, MD, and Wilfred van Gorp, PhD, ABBP.

Topics that will be discussed are:

ME/CFS Diagnosis and Treatment: Signs of Progress and Reasons for Optimism

The Epidemiology of CFS in a Large Study of Female Nurses

Evaluating the Brain Effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Children, Adolescents, and Adults

Forming Successful Clinical/Research Collaborations to Conquer the Enigma of CFS

If you’d like to find out more, you can contact the NJCFSA Information Helpline at 888-835-3677.

Interestingly, I’ve been a patient of Dr. Susan M. Levine for many years.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), also known as Myalgic Encepthalomyelitis (ME), is a serious, often disabling illness that attacks all body systems. Over 1 million Americans, including children, suffer from ME/CFS. As yet, there is no cure. Treatment is aimed at treating the symptoms.

But, new and promising multi-disciplinary, multi-national research, and technologies are advancing treatment protocols for patients worldwide.

Check out this 7 minute video on CFS:


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Getting a Diagnosis

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Getting a Diagnosis

Health TipsChronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a devastating illness with disabling symptoms. To add to the stress of this illness, getting a diagnosis is difficult.

With many chronic autoimmune illnesses, such as multiple sclerosis and lupus, getting a diagnosis is usually a matter of getting specific laboratory tests to confirm the disease. But CFS is a sneaky mimicker which makes a diagnosis more difficult.

Four Reasons why a CFS Diagnosis is Difficult

There are a few reasons why a diagnosis is problematic, including the following:

1. CFS does not have its own unique physical symptoms – it mimics a number of other chronic illnesses.

2. There are no specific diagnostic laboratory tests that can pinpoint CFS.

3. Many doctors are ill-equipped to make a CFS diagnosis. In fact, research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that less than 20% of CFS patients in this country have been diagnosed.

4. Ruling out other chronic illnesses, along with an in depth medical history, creates a process of elimination of other illnesses rather than direct diagnosis of CFS.

This is a difficult road to manage. It is littered with uncertainty, depression, and disabling physical symptoms. Knowing what to look for and what illnesses need to be dismissed by your doctor will help with this process.

Chronic Illnesses to be Tested for Prior to a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Diagnosis
Some diseases that CFS mimics include the following, and you should be tested for these first:

1. multiple sclerosis
2. hypothyroidism
3. Lyme’s disease
4. lupus
5. fibromyalgia
6. sleep apnea
7. chronic mononucleosis or Epstein-Barr virus
8. major depressive disorders

Please note, this is far from a complete list of chronic illnesses that have similar symptoms to CFS, one of the major symptoms being fatigue. While there are many others, these are the ones that seem to be at the top of the “to be eliminated” list. It’s always important to discuss all your options and any questions you may have with your doctor. And, in the case of CFS, you may need to see a number of different specialists to be sure you are not misdiagnosed. These specialists may include an endocrinologist, neurologist, rheumatologist, and pulmonary specialist.

While it may be a long road to a diagnosis, try not to rush the process. Some of the illnesses with similar symptoms to CFS are treatable and shouldn’t be overlooked. Others may be more serious and need to be addressed. It is essential to get a correct diagnosis in order to be treated effectively for CFS or any other illnesses you may have.

If you’d like to learn more about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, please visit the sites listed below:

CFIDS Association of America

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention


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Multiple Sclerosis – The Fundamentals Course

MS 201 - The Fundamentals Course I read, listen, and watch information from Dr. Ruby Cartwritght, a 35-year neurosurgeon and MS specialist, and he’s simply brilliant. For this reason, I recommend his coaching.

You can check out his 24-Week MS 201: The Fundamentals Course

MS 201: The Fundamentals will teach you:

• How to get rid of your fatigue once and for all
• How to stop my pain, tingling, and numbness
• What foods you should be eating
• The foods you should be avoiding
• How to clear up your brain fog
• New, cutting-edge nutritional therapies
• How to deal with depression
• How to get your confidence back
• All about MS drugs…the good and the bad
• How to Start Enjoying Life Again!

In addition to a program geared to getting your healthier, you get six bonuses:

Bonus #1 – 100+ Multiple Sclerosis-friendly recipes. Learn to make quick and easy, healthy, delicious, nutritious, and most importantly MS-friendly meals without ever loosing one single mouthful of flavor. This great recipe book keeps you away from all the things you need to stay away from as an MS recoverer! It is available as an instant download once your order is confirmed. Value: $15.95
Bonus #2 – 2.5 hour Question & Answer session audio. Be a “fly on the wall” and listen in as 10 of Dr. Cartwright’s private MS clients grill him with questions for over 2.5 hours. Value: $297.00
Bonus #3 – Special Audio Report: So You’ve Been Diagnosed With MS…Now What? Value: $49.95
Bonus #4 – Special Audio Report: Drugs To Help That May Hurt: Value: $49.95
Bonus #5 – Special Audio Report: Real Confidence Builders: Value: $49.95
Bonus #6 – Special Audio Report: Fatigue…Everything You Need To Know Value: $49.95
Total Value: Over $1,456.00

You’ll get to take advantage of a 10 day trial for only $4.70. There after, it’s $47.00 per month for six months. THAT’S ONLY $282 for a course from Dr. Cartwright, plus all the bonuses mentioned above.

And, you can also cancel your membership after the 10 day trial.


To find out exactly what Multiple Sclerosis is, check out this 2 minute video:

Karen Cioffi
Multi-award Winning Author, Freelance/Ghostwriter, Editor, Marketer

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and these health strategies are my own, based on my alternative medicine doctors. You MUST speak to your own doctor before starting any health regime.

Genetically Modified Foods and Your Health

Bad for Your HealthI’ve been a proponent of buying foods that are NOT genetically modified for some time now. And, it amazes me that more people don’t see the importance in this.

Genetically modified foods (GMOs) are literally engineered to become something that’s unnatural. The problem with this is our body isn’t made to process alien foods, this causes our immune system to think it’s an enemy and attacks.

Have you wondered why there’s a frightening increase in people suffering with multiple chemical sensitivities, food allergies, and environmental allergies, and why chronic illnesses have skyrocketed?

Well, it’s been discovered that because the immune system doesn’t recognize the engineered foods it causes a inflammatory response. It’s this ongoing inflammatory state that is the foundation for allergies, sensitivities, autoimmune diseases, cancer, and a number of other chronic illnesses.

I just watched a video from the Institute of Responsible Technology titled Genetic Roulette, and I actually cried. I just can’t fathom that the government would turn a deaf ear to all the proof that shows how dangerous GMOs are. Canada and Europe took action against GMOs, but the United States is ignoring the well-fare of its people.

As someone with a number of chronic illnesses, including multiple sclerosis, allergies, and multiple chemical sensitivities, as well as a being a mother and grandmother. I’m appalled. The ill-effects of GMOs can be passed from mothers to unborn babies, and those babies can pass it along when they’re grown and have children of their own. We’re allowing a few giant companies who control our food to dictate what we eat and alter our natural state.

GMOs are foods that are created by swapping genes (DNA) across natural borders to create more resilient foods and to grow foods quicker, among other made-up reasons. But, this unnatural process causes various mutations and unexpected side-effects. And, since it’s introduction in 1996, the claims that the companies who develop, produce, and manufacture GMOs have made to the people have all been nullified.

It’s gotten so bad that these powers-that-be put spider genes in goats to create goat milk with properties they could use to create bullet-proof vests. We’re living in a sci-fi horror show.

In the video, one doctor said to the effect that although we have the scientific ability it doesn’t mean we should use it.

These companies have created a run-away train and it’s up to the people to stop it.

Bottom line, the reason Canada and Europe yielded to the people is because the people stopped buying GMOs. This put pressure on the companies to stop producing dangerous foods that people wouldn’t buy.

That’s what the people in the United States must do to get control of what we eat, stop buying genetically modified foods and BUY ORGANIC.

Making matters worse is these food companies have managed to keep foods from having to be labeled GMO. So, unless you know what you’re looking for, you’ll have a hard time avoiding it.

For those who want to help fight the effects of GMOs and other toxins in the body, you can look into some type of detox program. But, in the meantime, your first course of action is to BUY ORGANIC.

To find out more about GMOs and Your Health go to:


“Question What’s Inside” music video on GMOs:

Ayurveda Medicine and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Part 4

Balance and Health A funny thing happened; I lost my notes to Part 4 this series. It doesn’t pay to try to do too much at once. Anyway, hopefully my memory will kick in.

In The First Session with Ayurveda practitioner Dr. Bhaswati Bhattacharya we discussed using oils on the skin for detoxing, not just for multiple chemical sensitivity, but for general detoxing. She mentioned olive oil, coconut oil, and sesame oil. But, since I was in a bout at the time of our visit, she recommended I stick with sesame oil for the time being.

Sesame oil absorbs toxins from the cells and Dr. B said to use the it twice a week. It should be done 10 minutes before showering.

The first step is to take a bit of oil in my hands and gently rub it into my forearms, always in a downward motion. For the elbows it’s a circular motion.

The next time, the upper arms should be included, but again always in a downward motion.

After that, rub the oil into your hips down to your feet. Again, rub the oil into your skin in a downward motion.

After 10 minutes, shower, but don’t rub too vigorously. Then gently dry off.

Next, we discussed meditation.

Meditation is another great tool to help with multiple chemical sensitivity. Dr. B recommends looking at the flame of a candle. Since I’m sensitive to the smell of burning candles, she suggested a flameless candle. This strategy is for beginners and uses focus meditation. You can start with two to 10 minutes a day.

Focusing on a specific object helps you free your mind of other thoughts and is one of the most important elements of meditation. When first beginning with meditation, it’s helpful to do it in a quiet place, one free of distractions.

If you don’t have a candle flame to focus on, you can focus on any object, image, mantra, or your breathing. Dr. Henry Lee, a NYS licensed acupuncturist and herbalogist, is a proponent of focusing on your breathing.

Since meditation is free to do and can pretty much be done anywhere, it’s definitely worth giving it a try.

This is the last part of The First Session. I’ll post about my second visit in a couple of weeks – they’ll be information on other health issues in the meantime.

Meditation is so effective at reducing stress that even the Mayo Clinic has information on it:

In case you missed Parts 1, 2, and 3 of this series, here are the links:

Ayurveda Medicine and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Part 3
Ayurveda Medicine and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Part 2
Ayurveda Medicine and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Part 1


Meditation TechniquesSecret of Meditation

One of the problems of people actually starting a meditation regimen is most programs or courses aren’t really geared toward the average person, like you. Secret of Meditation is an effective ecourse that promises to teach you a daily 10 minute technique that will help you achieve better health allow you to reap great health benefits physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. And, there’s a 100% money-back guarantee.

Check it out today at: Secret of Meditation

You can also check out this video by Deepak Chopra


Eat, live and play healthy,

Karen Cioffi

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and these health strategies are my own, based on my alternative medicine doctors. You MUST speak to your own doctor before starting any health regime.

Ayurveda Medicine and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Part 3

Balance and HealthNow it’s on to Part 3 of The First Session. For those just stopping by, these posts are about my visits with Ayurveda practitioner Dr. Bhaswati Bhattacharya (Dr. B).

Another aspect of detoxing and health discussed during my first visit was the bedroom and sleeping.

If you’re like many Americans, you fall asleep with the TV on. This is NOT conducive to sleep. Dr. B. suggests NOT watching TV in the bedroom. She also recommends creating a clutter free bedroom. The bedroom should be as simple as possible: a bed, a chest, and clean bedding.

It’s also necessary to make your bed every morning. This is another aspect of making your bedroom inviting, relaxing, and conducive to sleep.

While the ‘very simplistic’ strategy may be a bit too much for most people to get a handle on, you should make the bedroom as simple and uncluttered as possible.

Believe it or not, clutter adds stress to your body and life. Eliminating as much clutter as feasible will help to reduce your stress level. Since stress is a burden to your immune system, doing ‘uncluttering’ is a must do.

Taking care of my bedroom will be a project. As a writer, I have two large book cases full of papers and books, and other clutter that I’ll need to get a handle on. For book cases, Dr. B recommends sectioning them off with some type of divider. For those with smaller rooms that this wouldn’t work for, you might think of moving the bookcases to another room. Or, you might put a ‘relaxing’ curtain in front of the book case, blocking the view of books and clutter.

Ayurveda practice isn’t the only medical philosophy that advises against watching TV in bed. Western medicine thinks it’s a bad idea also. Check out:

“Should You Ban TV From Your Bedroom?”
By Brandon Peters, M.D.

Stay tuned next week for Part 4 of The First Session. I’ll be going over using oils and mediating.

To check out Parts 1 and 2, go to:

Part 1

Part 2

Gearing up for next week’s post, you might want to check out Guided Meditations. The company has been in business for over 30 years and knows what they’re doing. Check out the soothing and guided CDs or Downloads today at:



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Multi-award Winning Author, Freelance/Ghostwriter, Editor, Marketer

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and these health strategies are my own, based on my alternative medicine doctors. You MUST speak to your own doctor before starting any health regime.

Ayurveda Medicine and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Part 2

Health TipsI’m back with Part 2 of The First Session. If you just came in, the first session is in regard to my visit with an Ayurveda doctor. I’m seeing Dr. Bhaswati Bhattacharya in an effort to detox my body of multiple chemical sensitivity and build up my arteries and veins for possible, hopefully never needed, vascular surgery for a splenic arterial aneurysm.

I didn’t mention this before, but I live right near an international airport. At times when the planes are coming in for a landing, you can actually see the extra fuel being released into the air. This is not a good environment for someone with multiple chemical sensitivity and makes detoxing more difficult for me.

And, to add insult to injury, I’m a stone’s throw away from a major parkway.

Okay, on to Part 2.

The First Session Part 2

Along with your diet and avoiding harmful soaps, shampoos, etc., Dr. B discussed what to should do when you wake in the morning and what to eat for breakfast.

As might be obvious, the first thing needed is to go to the bathroom. Then, wash your hands and face. Now, take some warm water into the palm of your hand and gently breathe it into one nostril, then gently blow any remaining water. Repeat with the other nostril.

The water goes up into your lower sinus cavity, by your nose. This nasal rinse clears out debris and mucous, similar to a saline solution. I have lots of sinus problems and get sinus infections. Since I’m doing this, my nose feels clearer.

Next, brush your teeth and scrape your tongue. Yes, scraping your tongue is important.

Now, look at yourself in the mirror, then look at something that brings joy to your heart. I look at a picture of my grandchildren.

After this, drink a cup of hot water that has been boiled and filtered, but don’t heat it in a microwave. Then do your normal showering. These tasks should be done in order each day.

Dr. B recommends boiling your drinking and cooking water. The boiling reduces some of the chemicals that filtering won’t do on its own. I’m not sure if the water should be filtered first then boiled, or the other way around. I see the doctor again the end of October and will ask. I’ve been boiling it first and then filtering it.

Also, the boiled, filtered water should be kept in a copper pitcher, if possible. I’m going to see if I can get one, and also a glass pitcher. Since our visits are information packed, I didn’t get a chance to ask why a copper pitcher is important. I do know you should avoid keeping water in a plastic container.

In regard to eating breakfast this will depend on your sensitivities and food allergies. You want to avoid any allergy triggers and foods your body is sensitive to. You want to reduce inflammation and allergic reactions.

Dr. B suggested choosing around five ‘healthy’ breakfasts and alternating them. You want to avoid processed foods, like packaged cereals and other packaged food products. You also want to avoid foods like bacon. If you really crave it, limit it to every other week or preferably once a month.

One other tip to help with multiple chemical sensitivity and other chronic illnesses, don’t freeze foods like bread if at all possible, it changes the composition of the food. Opt for fresh foods.

It seems there’s more information than I thought, so this series will be in more than three parts.

Stop by next week for Part 3 of The First Session.

Here’s the link to Part 1:
Ayurveda Medicine and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Part 1

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and these health strategies are my own, based on my alternative medicine doctors. You MUST speak to your own doctor before starting any health regime.

Health Warning – Deadly Disease Hits Six at Yosemite National Park

CautionA report on August 28th, from Associate Press, is alerting people to a possible danger at Yosemite National Park. This summer two campers were exposed and died after being exposed to and contracting” hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, an illness spread by rodent feces, urine and saliva.”

The syndrome is fatal in 30 percent of all cases and four other people who werehealth there during the same time period also contracted it.

You can read the entire article at:

Check out this video on the topic:

Ayurveda Medicine and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Part 1

HealthIn my last post I talked about the problem I’m having with a splenic artery aneurysm, due to in some part weak veins and arteries.

Since that post, I went to another vascular surgeon, a top doctor in this field. He read the CT Scan itself, rather than just the radiologist’s report, and determined it looks more like the aneurysm is closer to 1.8 cm. It seems I’m on a roller coaster ride – it’s small, it’s big, it’s small, it’s big. I have to get another CT Scan in six months to see where it’s at then.

According to Dr.William Purtill, affiliated with North Shore University Hospital, as the ‘debris’ in the artery continues to calcify it usually gets bigger . . . and bigger.

Because I value Eastern medicine, I’ve been seeing an amazing Chinese acupuncturist and herbalist (TCM) for several years now, Henry Lee. But, wanting to open up more options, I decided to get the viewpoint of a Ayurveda practitioner.

Dr. Bhaswati Bhattacharya is a medical doctor and Ayurveda practitioner. Her practice is in New York City and her credentials are impressive.

I’ll be going over the treatment protocol to detox my body and to build up my liver and arteries/veins. I’ll be writing about this in Parts – this being Part 1.

The first session with Dr. B was about getting my information and being informed about Ayurveda. As with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda health protocols and philosophies encompass the entire body: inside, outside, and spiritual (not religious).

All about the First Session (this will be in three parts):

There are three body types:

Vata – Air and Space (movement). This involves the nerves among other things.
Pitta – Fire and Water (transformation)
Kapha – Water and Earth (stability and lubrication)

A Ayurveda practitioner will be able to tell you which type/s you are, based on your health and pulse. I learned I’m Pitta and then Kapha. Knowing this helps the doctor treat you. It also gives you guidelines for your diet.

First up on my to-do-list to help detox my body is to eat healthy. This means avoiding processed foods, and paying attention to the containers I store herbs and foods in.

When you’re trying to detox your body you MUST limit the consumption and absorption of toxins. This means avoiding microwaving if possible. If you must use a microwave use a glass or other safe bowl or dish and don’t cover it with any kind of plastic or paper napkin/towel. Use a glass or other safe cover.

In regard to saving herbs or left overs, don’t keep them in plastic. Try to buy herbs in glass bottles and save foods in glass or other safe containers. Protecting yourself from toxins also includes the largest absorber of toxins, your skin. If at all possible, buy organic and safe shampoos, conditioners, soaps, body lotions and so on. In regard to the body lotion, use it sparingly and only if needed.

You’ll also need to check your household cleaners and laundry detergents.

Unfortunately, we live in an overly polluted environment, even the air we breathe is filled with microscopic particles and toxins from everything to building material to car fumes. And, if you live near an airport, like I do, you are exposed to even more harmful pollution. So, whatever strategies you can find to reduce your pollution exposure, use them.

Check back next week for The First Session, Part 2.

Eat, live, and play healthy,

Karen Cioffi
Multi-award Winning Author, Freelance/Ghostwriter, Editor, Marketer

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and these health strategies are my own, based on my alternative medicine doctors. You MUST speak to your own doctor before starting any health regime.